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Now, I know doctors say that some form of discharge if always normal, and it varys in different women. This time I tried the yogurt soaked tampons (inserting them into my vagina), Folic Acid pills, Deodorized garlic pills and Caprylic Acid pills and again acidolphis pills. But now, when I have sex, it starts off with a cream thick discharge and then a few minutes in my boyfriend is covered in clumpy white discharge. and dealing with this for TWO YEARS is getting overwhelming and frustrating!!! Anything thing you know or sharing any experience you have had will be greatly appreciated. I know its a long post- But I've been dealing with this for a LONG time..

But I know my body, I know how sex was before all this, and I know how sex is now. Never- the-less do I need to say that it has had a toll on our sex life, and despite how wonderful he is about it, I do not feel sexy when thick white clumps are coming out of me. [FONT="Century Gothic"]This may be new information, but regular lactobacillius acidophilus doesn't normally colonize the urogenital tract; meaning the urinary tract and the vaginal tract (go to the link below for more information).

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You need to purchase probiotics formulated for vaginal health, and contains bacteria that does colonize the vagina like Femdophilus and Re Phresh Pro-B.

It would be a good idea to take probiotics (two hours after taking antibiotics).It is finished in silver and comes with a cotton cord in a gift pouch.INTRODUCTORY PRICE: 9 Multibuy option available - Choose from options on right hand side drop-down.Some researchers believe that solar phenomenon can produce variations in neutron emissions which may trigger earth changes on our planet, causing crust disruptions from the mantle heat-up of increased solar activity. The Nu-Me skinny Knot is slimmer and lighter with improved technology that makes it more powerful with a larger protective/balancing field.It also makes it reversible – 2 styles for the price of one. The first few months of us having sex was normal, and by normal I mean, enjoyable, I had no problem getting wet, my body produced enough lubricant of its own, clear and slimy, normal! My body stopped producing its own lubricant, I was dry and has this thick creamy white discharge that would show up during sex. I freaked out, went to the doctor, got every std test ran, everything. So i took the prescribed antibiotics, they didn't work. Took the prescribed antibiotics, the smell would go away for a few days and then the discharge and smell would return.

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